This earth of stone has blossomed into our paradise, and it is here that the foundation of our tradition lies: the essential commitment to live as one with nature and enhance the human spirit, creativity, body and mind through nature in order to reinvigorate and bring peace to the soul.

The Family Brand: The Flowering of the Stone<br />
is not just a real geographical entity; it is proof that through sacrifice and selfless hardship, hard work and unselfish investment, an idyllic paradise can be created.

When in 1906 Professor Eugen Meneghello began his botanical garden on the crag of his great estate, he was aware that he would never manage to revel in the beauty of it or relax in the shade of the pines that he was planting. It is thanks to Professor Meneghello’s determination and perseverance that today we can enjoy this terrestrial paradise.

The traditional alliance of tourism and culture that rests in our families' roots and historical memory is still present on our island and can be admired in the Roman “Villa Rustica” and the Country Houses of our great-grandfathers, which have prevailed through half a century of Communist drabness. Individual values, independence and the diversity of the region still continue to flourish on this Adriatic garden, today more than ever worthy of our guest’s time and attention.

“Palmižana Generational Ark” sails towards its second century of existence.

The Meneghello grandchildren Giorgio, Pave, Toni, Matteo, Alma, Stella, Elia and Luce will ensure that the Ark continues to sail.