Over 100 years of healthy dining

Dine in a Real Botanical Garden

Hospitality runs in the family, from one generation to the next. It is no coincidence that Eugen's grandson, Đenko, has opened another restaurant on Palmižana and named it after his father Toto Juraj Meneghello: Toto's, just down the hill from Palmižana Restaurant.

Come for a refreshing drink or a delicious snack and get away from the sun!
Toto's Restaurant

This enchanting outdoor terrace has a unique setting with its tables surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants, offering total privacy yet with a huge vista of Palmižana Bay.

Here too fresh fish is served on the splendid outdoor terrace over looking the beach. Colorful table cloths and a botanical shade - you can enjoy your meal at an easy-paced Croatian rhythm. You can keep your table for the whole day, go for a dip and come back for more, while your children play on the beach, just a glance away. Diners can order squid, sea bass or red snapper from the grill, and there is steak, lamb, chicken or pork, all accompanied with fresh, local seasonal vegetables and& salads. For the health-conscious there is plenty of choice.