Private Art Collection

The Art Collection of Dagmar Meneghello on Palmižana
By Tonko Maroević

"The Meneghello Collection affords a nice cross-section of contemporary Croatian creativity in the fine arts, particularly of anything with a maritime inspiration and a figurative or neo-figurative base.   It goes from the canonised classics like Kulmer, Petlevski, Šebalj, Radovani, Lovrenčić, Reiser, Željko Hegedušić and Murtić, via some of the most buoyant and most highly regarded contemporaries such as Šutej, Lipovac, Lesiak, Kuduz, Radoičić, Trebotić, Kavurić-Kurtović (and she is both greatly represented, quantity-wise, and remarkable in quality, as well as special typologically, for the hedonism of existence in her work is oxymoronically seasoned with pain and vulnerability) to some who were once the newest but are today well established painters, among  whom there is a marked presence of the Hvar painters Kovačić, Bogdanić, Zea Fio, Drinković, as well as, appropriately selected, among many others, Švaljek and Kuliš, Vrkljan, Lapuh and Rončević, Trtovac and Bane Milenković… The openness of the collection, its redolence of the south and marine currents, of the layered deposits of civilisation and the flows of creativity, holds also promise of new encounters, and serious reasons for coming to Palmižana." READ MORE

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