Palmižana's garden


The flowering of the stone
The first encounter with Palmižana is marked by its magical beauty; the symphony of colors and the sounds of waves rolling over pebbles, the breeze in the hundred-year-old pine trees, crickets chirping, and distinctive birds songs…

The intoxication of many scents are captivating; rosemary, sage, lavender, basil, mint, pine trees, mimosas that bloom here all year round, orange trees, lilies, and the mystic scents of exotic flora of far-away lands that are in full bloom in Palmižana garden. 

The story of the garden goes back to 1906 when Professor Eugen Meneghello (Toto's father) began planting exotic tropical vegetation at Palmižana - palms, agave, cacti, eucalyptus, aloe vera, and lilies – and opened a guesthouse in his villa, first for friends, then also for wealthy globetrotters, who came to this magical hideaway to refind harmony with nature.

One of the most fascinating stories of Palmižana and the Meneghello family which has lived on St Klement since the beginning of the nineteenth century is the tonic Quintessenza - Balsamo d'olio di rosmarino. This was created by our ancestor Gian Battista Meneghello from local aromatic herbs. This 'magical' tonic was famous in all Dalmatian homes and the important cities of Europe of that time, with Venetian Questura praising in the year 1848 its healing power and recommending its frequent use